Preview transformation in vscode using javascript/typescript

We are consuming apis returning json in our projects. The json from those api can contain rather large structures which need to be mapped into other large structures (usually json but could be xml or csv rarely).

We used to use dataweave (from Mulesoft) to do that, and if you're not familiar with dataweave, it's pretty good at that sort of mapping. It let's you define a sample input, and while editing the dataweave it shows you a preview of the result in a separate pane.

For some apis we switched to using nodejs (because it offers better control and debugging than Mule, long story). But I'd really like the same mapping experience as dataweave.

So I guess the question is: can I use vscode to define an input file in a directory, a transformation file in javascript and have the resulting mapped output display in a pane which is updated live?

Is there some plugin offering that? Couldn't find it.

My understanding is the following: You have a mule workflow which needs to read a file(you edited the file in vscode) and execute a server side javascript (nodjs) to transform the file and after the result is obtained, the mapped result will be pushed into a web page ? right ?

All happen under a given mule workflow right? and you are wondering there is any mule connector to do this process ? right ?