Migrating data from RDBMS to Arango DB: Bulk upload

Iam trying to move data from RDBMS to ArangoDB. I wanted to know if there are any tools for transforming the RDBMS data to collections and edges to do a bulk upload to ArangoDB. I could also see that ArangoDB bulk upload API allows only one type of collection to be uploaded at a time. Is there anyway to upload collections and edges at the same time?

The only way to upload both at the same time would be to run multiple instances of your import program/script (e.g. arangoimport or JavaScript/Python/PowersHell script). But realistically, there aren't many situations when you need to do this simultaneously, and attempting to do so might cause problems).

As for data transformation, that is a different topic, and the answer depends wholly on your level of comfort with various technologies. Personally, I use several tools but mainly rely on Pentaho Data Integration (info and download) to export data and JS and Python scripts to import, leveraging the ArangoDB API.

Because DB platform transition is SO individualized, you won't find a tool to quickly do this, especially when you're moving from RDBMS to document/graph. Normalization requirements between the two can be quite different, usually requiring you to re-work the data model.