Links under a custom select not redirecting on declared page from hidden li

I have a strange problem with a custom select. I used a simple "ul li ul" to create that select and it expand on focus but if I want to use some links when select is expanded on that hidden li's when I click on them nothing happens and I don't understand why :|

if someone can help me with this.

Fiddle example:

The default target for the link(_self) didnt work. (dont know why)
Try with _blank or _parent

   <ul id="main">
        <li class="username" tabindex="1" >  <a>USERNAME</a>
            <ul class="curent_buser">
                <li><a  href="" target="_blank">HELP NEEDED</a></li>
                <li><a wicket:id="logoff" href="" target="_blank">LOG OFF</a></li>